Just another manic Monday

That was my day yesterday! Go go go!!! It was nonstop from start to finish and I went to bed exhausted last night!

I woke up yesterday and got ready in my super speed method and hit Starbucks on my way to work. I’m loving all the gift cards I’ve gotten for Christmas and my birthday. I’ve definitely made them last! I got to work about 45 minutes eater since I had to leave work after lunch for a pre-op doctors appointment. I checked emails, drank coffee and enjoyed my banana burrito!


I didn’t take a break for lunch since I had to leave soon after. I worked while I ate and had some grilled chicken with leftover risotto. This kept me full for hours but I wish I could have gotten veggies in!!!


My afternoon was full of doctors, blood work, and running around town to get it all done. Everything seemed to go well but my nerves are setting in for sure with my surgery just over a week away. Yikes. Ugh.

I was able to make it to the gym when it was all done so I warmed up on the elliptical for 15 minutes and went to a body pump class. I don’t know if wearing a heart rate monitor now makes me work harder or what, but I was pumped to see that between the two I burned almost 700 calories holy yes!!!


I came home famished and snagged some chili BBQ chicken in the crockpot along with steamed potatoes and Brussels. The shrimp and rice were leftovers from another night but a welcome addition to my growling belly!


I ran some errands with my mom in the evening and finally relaxed on the couch for a bit before bed and caught up on my Bravo shows! It was a great way to round out the night!

did you have a busy Monday!?


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