Day in the life

Morning friends! Happy Hump day! I decided to switch things up today and give you a glimpse of a day in my life! What an exciting chance you have to see the ins and outs of my day! Haha!

This is a shot of my day Tuesday which was a pretty typical day for me!

6:10 alarm goes off. Immediately I hop out of bed and get in the shower. I never hit snooze, if I did I would never ever ever get out of my warm and cuddly bed!

6:18 come out of shower (unwillingly, it’s so warm!!!) go back to room and get dressed, apply makeup, and dry hair. I have this down to a science. It takes me no time at all and I always have my clothes laid ot the night before to prevent any wasted time. I even pick out my shoes, accessories, and jewelry so that it doesn’t cut into my sleep time!

6:30 go downstairs, make coffee (thank GOD for my Keurig) grab my premade lunch out of the frig, and start my car! I am the queen of multitasking!

6:40 I hop in the car and hit the road! On cold mornings like this…photo 2 (29)

…it is perfect to sip my coffee during my commute!

7:35 arrive at work,  follow up on emails and eat a banana.

9 I usually break for a quick breakfast while I work the morning away and I love when it is oatmeal day!photo 1 (32)

I work all morning long and usually take an early lunch break around 11:30 to go to the gym in my office to get in a midday workout! Tuesday, I just took it easy and did the elliptical for 30 minutes while watching trash TV.

12:15 I am usually back in my seat returning calls, emails, and finishing anything from the morning before I get hungry for my lunch.

1:40 I had a late lunch! I got so busy I completely forgot to eat! I had to remind myself to go heat up my food!!

Afternoon=work. work. work.

4:30 I hit the road for home sweet home! My afternoon drive usually takes a little over an hour so I listen to the radio, sing, and relax after a long day.

5:35 once I get home I immediately change out of my work clothes, get dinner started and catch up with my family

6:30 pack breakfast and lunch for the next day

7 leave for gym, Tuesday night I took a spin glass so I headed out and got my spin on!!!

8:35 get home, shower, plan a post for this little blog of mine.

9:12 fall into bed and watch Chopped to unwind. I really just channel surf and end up slowly drifting to sleep by 10:15.

It is such a wild life I lead! Haha! Tell me something about your day!


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