Surgery day.

Today is the day. Today I’m having the bone spur on my left foot removed. My surgery is this afternoon so I’m going to stay busy all day long. I’m real nervous but hoping for the best. No food or water for me today so I can’t wait for a giant pitcher of water around 5pm when I come out of anesthesia!

Prayers and positive thoughts are so appreciated today and during my next period of recovery!

My mom took off today to spend it with me and Mike is meeting us at the surgical center before the surgery. I will be in very good hands. πŸ™‚

Today is a new chapter of healing and focusing on recovery and I’m looking forward to putting all these foot issues behind me. So long stress fractures and bone spurs and doctors visits and annoyance.

I/ Mike will be popping I’m tomorrow with an update on how I’m doing but won’t be back probably for real until this weekend.

Be safe and have a wonderful day friends!



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