Day 1 post op

Hi friends happy Friday! I’m coming at ya today from the couch!


Yesterday wasn’t so bad! They ended up moving up my surgery from 3:30 to 10:15. It made the morning much more rushed than I had planned but I figure that the earlier it was done gave me another whole day to recover. I lounged on the couch with Mike all day and we watched a lot of tv together. I didn’t have much of an appetite until dinner which is shocking for me but it made my moms lasagna taste so delicious!

Ire alluded isn’t nap very much all day so I was happy to have Mike and my mom with me to chat and hang out with! I lucked out and my foot remained numb from the local anesthetic all day and all night it made me nervous but a call to my doctor made me feel better!

I had no clue how bad this would hurt. I mean obviously they removed bone so I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park but dang this is no joke. Thank god I have crutches. I can’t imagine putting my walking boot on my football sized left foot at all yet!

Today is going to be a major repeat for me today. I’m trying to rest and sleep as much as I can to minimize the pain. My dad is working from home today to help me get around when I need to which is great. My sweet granny is also coming by this afternoon to spend time with me!

Any good book, movie or tv show suggestions to keep me busy and distracted over the next week?

Thank you again for all the positive thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Day 1 post op

  1. Best of luch for a speedy recovery! I had a bone spur removed from the back of my kneecap a few years back, the immediate post-op period was rouch, but it has really made a HUGE difference. 30 rock helped!

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