Road to recovery

I’m still trucking on the road to recovery! The pain is getting much more bearable each day and I’ve been getting very good care!


This weekend I’ve rested a ton, watched season 3 of scandal, watched season 1 of orange is the new black, and finished First Love by James Patterson. I’ve been super busy, hah.

I have also received sweet gifts! Flowers and chocolates what more could a girl want?



I’m so glad it was sunny and pretty out this weekend. I managed to sit on the porch for a few minutes to get so fresh air into my lungs. It was amazing!

I’ve been doing well using my crutches and have been trying to keep my leg moving to prevent stiffness. I tried using the walking boot yesterday but to no surprise I just can’t bring myself to bear weight yet. I’m hoping my doctor will have a good timeline for me this afternoon at my follow-up appointment.

I’m very grateful for all the love and good care I’ve received since my surgery. Thank you to everyone!!!!


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