Hey hey! I am officially day six post op and I’m happy to say that I mass till making progress. Last night I did more boot walking practice to try to bear more weight and try to rely less on my crutches. It went well but was exhausting. I’m really ready to be back to normal but I know that this will all be a process. Really hoping to be cruising around in my boot by this weekend!!!

Yesterday I captured (very poor) pictures of my meals throughout the day! I thought I’d hop in for some What I ate Wednesday fun!

Breakfast for me was an oldie but goodie! Toast with PB and blackberry jam. I adore this combo!


I spent all morning lounging on the couch and monitoring my ice intervals. Wild day I tell ya!

Lunch was about convenience again! TJ’s enchiladas for the win! I added some fresh smashed avocado on top for some healthy fats too!


My afternoon was full of a whole lot more TV and a visit from my grandma. It was great to see her to break up the day! I was getting lonely since my spark boy doesn’t talk back!


My brother helped assemble a delicious and comforting dinner! Roasted chicken that I made (recipe coming soon) and all the fixings! So stinking good!


It was a great day of eats and hopefully all this relaxation and down time will make all the difference in my recovery! Positive thoughts and encouragement still very welcome! πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day friends!


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