One week after surgery.

Yesterday marked my one week mark post op form my bone spur removal.

I’ve made strides but am still not fully mobile. I’ve started to rely less on my crutches and more on bearing weight and balance.

It’s a slow but sure process and I’m hoping a few more days of rest and elevation will significantly impact my recovery process. It’s so very frustrating but I am trying to stay positive and know that at the end of this road I will be fully recovered. I’ve still been icing and taking my Tylenol and my antibiotic for the prescription. More energy comes each day and I’m so very grateful. I am also so incredibly blessed that my family and Mike have taken such amazing care of me. It’s taken such patience and care and I appreciate it more than they know!

I finally got off of the couch last night and had a blast playing Heads Up with Mike and my parents! It was so nice to have some distraction and fun!


I am really hopeful that this weekend brings a lot more progress and mobility for me!

Happy Friday friends!!!


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