{tasty tuesday} Roasted chicken in the crockpot!

Hi friends! I hope this snow melts quickly! Now that I am gettin serious cabin fever I am ready to get out of the house and get back to my normal life!

Last week for dinner we made a Pinterest success! I found this idea to roast a chicken in a crockpot and couldn’t believe how easy it was! The only ingredients you need are a chicken and your desired seasonings! No liquid, nothing else!

Simply buy a whole chicken. I got a 7 pound chicken so that we would have lots of leftovers and it fed my family of four too! When you bring it home wash it and dry it and remove the (nasty) innards!

Simply prep your crockpot by spraying nonstick spray and then place the chicken breast side up. Sprinkle it with your spices now! I used rotisserie chicken seasoning as well as Montreal chicken.

Now set it and forget it! I cooked it on low for 6 hours and it was fall off the bone juicy! Look at all the liquid!


If you’re nervous about under cooking your chicken just buy a chicken with a popper so you know when it’s fully cooked!


I hope this makes your evening dinner a breeze! I love meals in the crockpot and ones like this are so easy and healthy!

Just to make sure you start your day on a happy note here is a picture of my favorite furry friend!



6 thoughts on “{tasty tuesday} Roasted chicken in the crockpot!

  1. I love using the crock pot. I’ve done whole chickens but always with a sauce of some sort. I will have to try this roasting method!!

  2. i’ve done this before and loved it! no easier way to get a delicious roast chicken. the recipe that i used suggested making several balls out of tin foil to rest the chicken on, so its not sitting in its juices and it gets crispier. i had a hard time keeping that stupid chicken balanced on those balls, so it was hard to tell if it made a difference! 🙂

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