What I ate Wednesday! & Happy birthday Mom!!!

Hi friends! Happy March 5th! Do you know what that means? It means it is …

My Mama’s birthday!!!

She is my very best friend! This week it has been all about her and she deserves it! She is the most special woman on this earth that I know!! I love you mom!!!! Let the celebrations and countdown to Vegas begin! Yes, that is right! We’re going to Vegas in April to have a big celebration for her and my brother’s milestone birthdays!!! πŸ™‚

Spark is saving up his energy to party with her! He is also the guard of the gifts πŸ™‚
photo 2 (2)

Back to your regular programming, I am back yet again for another day of WIAW! Shout out to Peas and CrayonsΒ for hosting!wiaw1

Below are snaps of my eats from Monday of this week. I am finally more mobile and able to spend some more time in the kitchen but it is nowhere close to what I am used to spending!! But, the good news is that today I have 2 doctors appointments! One to get cleared to go back to work, and another to get my stitches out and have a second follow up after surgery! I am crossing my fingers that both go well!

Monday breakfast was all about my favorite combo! PB&J!!photo 1 (2)

So satisfying and delicious while watching the snow fall! πŸ™‚

I still had a lot of convenience foods on hand so for lunch I whipped up Trader Joe’s low fat chicken low mein! This was pretty good but kinda salty!

photo 3 (2)I think it would be even better loaded down with more veggies!

Dinner was super easy and made easy again with my crockpot cooking the chicken! Steamed broc and rice on the side!!
photo 4I had some sriracha in there too! Why did I wait so long to try this stuff? It’s freaking great!!!!

What have you been eating lately?

I need you all to promise to send my mom some birthday love today! We will be celebrating her with dinner and cookie cake and presents tonight!!! Love you mommy!


4 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday! & Happy birthday Mom!!!

  1. Gail Macharsky says:

    To the SWEETEST DAUGHTER…EVER!!! THANKS for making this BIG BIRTHDAY so special! My life has been truly blessed by being your mom!!! I am so proud of all of your accomplishments, your spirit, your strength…and the wonderful woman you have become!! Can’t wait to celebrate your 50th…. LOL!!!! XXXOO and ALL MY LOVE!!!

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