Back to work!

Today is my first day back at work in two weeks and I’m pumped! I can’t wait for a routine and a regular schedule and getting off the couch! Hah!

I had another follow up twitch my surgeon yesterday and it went great! I got the stitches out and I return to see him again next week for an update!! My swelling went down a ton. All I have to do now is strengthening exercises for my big toe so I get increase the range of motion and strength. He is concerned about scar tissue building up so exercising it will help!

We had such fun celebrating my mom for her birthday last night! Isn’t she the prettiest!!!


I thought that birthday girl sash was so fun! We had a fun time going out to dinner and came back for cookie cake and presents! She deserves the best and I hope she had a special day!!!

Off to work I go! Happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Back to work!

  1. Gail Macharsky says:

    I had the BEST DAY!!! THANKS for all my presents…and all the special touches you added to make it wonderful!! However, all I ever needed was you, Dad, Kyle and of course Sparky!!! XXOO

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