What I ate Wednesday!

Finally a full week into my regular-ish routine and I am loving it! I’m a creature of habit and love being back at it! This weeks eats were captured yesterday which was a very typical day for me although all my meals were rushed. I would have liked to see more vegetables in there but it is what it is!

Breakfast yesterday was an egg sandwich topped with smooth avocado! I loved this and it kept me full for hours!!


I had a morning meeting that was hours long so it needed to keep me full!

Lunch was delicious! As usual I beefed up a Trader Joe’s packaged meal to get more nutritional value! Enter veggie fried rice, a fried egg, and extra mixed veggies!

All topped with low sodium soy sauce of course!

I got a little hungry in the afternoon so I was glad I had healthy snacks available at work. I was more than happy to break into this skinny pop around 3:30!

My dinner was eaten standing because I had to rush out of the house to get a new iPhone! I scarfed down Annie’s Mac and a veggie burger but it did the trick!


Getting a new phone is never a pleasant experience but it went better than I expected and I love my new 5s! Now to find a cute case!!! Suggestions please!!!


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