Foot update!

Yesterday I had another follow up with my surgeon! I was really positive going into it and hoping for the ok to have my boot removed.

However, this fella is here to stay for a bit longer.


I’m pretty disappointed to say the least but my doctor said this was only due to a minor setback. My scar isn’t healing as quickly as he had hoped so he had to do some (pretty gross) techniques on it to foster new skin growth. I need to really focus on keeping the incision dry in the mean time.

He said that like with any hand or foot incision that movement slows the healing process and since walking is a necessity that is why my recovery has been slow. He was still very optimistic and as this is only the 3 week post op mark he said I’m still looking good.

I’m a little bummed and was super grossed out by what he had to do to the scar, ha the sight of the blood almost made me pass out!! But, I’m trying to still stay positive and optimistic about a quick healing process from here on out!


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