Friday favorites!

I am one week of work down and I’m so happy about it! This recovery has been no joke but I love my job and being busy during the day and having a purpose has helped me stay positive with my recovery!

Staying positive with any hard time is so important! Thank goodness I have had some of my favorite things this week to keep me smiling!

Sparky. Seriously. I just love my dog he is the sweetest little guy and always makes me smile!


He is bashful in front of the camera πŸ™‚

My favorite reality shows are always a favorite. Thank goodness the NYC housewives are back! I love Carole and Heather!


A smile is always brought on by retail therapy. Sue me! I am loving the new bathing suit deals at tarjay this week! You really can’t beat $14 a piece!


Reminiscing about my college days! Mike’s company is the official lacrosse mesh sponsor of our alma mater Elizabethtown College as well as Stevenson University so when they were playing each other this week we had to go!


Mike was the captain of the lacrosse team in college and I loved watching him play! This was fun to remember those times with our college friends!

My new iPhone is definitely a favorite today! The camera is so much better than my crappy 4! I can’t believe how much more clear the pictures are!


The list could go on and on! I’m a happy girl!

What are some of your favorites today?


4 thoughts on “Friday favorites!

  1. I’m with you – love the Real Housewives of New York!! And, I can’t believe I haven’t been to Target this week – I’m sure I need a couple new suits!

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