Mid week fun!

Hi friends! I decided to switch it up today and skip the WIAW action. I haven’t done a great job of photographing my meals lately so it would have been a little all over the place.

Yesterday was such a busy day! Work was nonstop all day bit it made the day fly by. I love when that happens! I can’t believe technically were already halfway through the week! One step closer to the weekend! Woohoo! I was so excited to come home and relax because I had plans with a great friend to catch up!

I hurried home and scarfed down a quick dinner before she came. Thank goodness for the crock pot. I had salsa chicken all ready for me to put over some quinoa. I couldn’t resist a huge dollop of fresh smashed avocado either!

That dinner was delicious and nutritious and super filling!

I can always make room for wine though!

Melissa picked this new to us wine up on her way over and it was such a treat! It was like a sweet mimosa! The perfect dessert drink!

We had such a fun time chatting and catching up and talking about her wedding plans (she is getting married next May! It’s so exciting!) and I, so excited to be a part of all of it!

I had such a good time with Melissa last night! I was so happy to have some fun girl time during the week! I was also glad I was able to get some upper body weights in. I’m trying to make more of a habit of it now that I’m getting more energy back these days! I am still really trying to keep my healthy eating habits up while I’m in recovery! Luckily I haven’t gained any weight but I know I’ve lost a lot of muscle and I’m so much weaker so I’m looking forward to getting my strength back! All things in good time!


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