Eats and Nacho Soup!?

Happy freaking Friday! It’s going to feel springy here today! Weather in the 50s…I’ll take it! Yesterday was a great first day of spring with sunny weather and temperatures slowly rising! Even if I didn’t get free Rita’s the day was still a win in my book!

Since I didn’t do a WIAW post I thought sharing my meals from yesterday would be a good trade!

Breakfast was my favorite oatmeal…


Lunch was a hodgepodge plate. I had some roasted sweet potato slices along with an egg sandwich!


I’ve been on a snack kick with apples. The Fuji apples from Trader Joe’s have been fantastic!


Finally, my favorite meal from yesterday… Dinner! Steamed broccoli, salad, and homemade barbecue shrimp pizza! Total win!


Last time I managed to do the arm burner video by Gina! Seriously that is a great arm workout!

Just because it’s Friday and just because I love you check out the recipe I found in the new Food Network Magazine. NACHO SOUP!?!? Hello lover!


Have a wonderful weekend!


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