Weekly meal plan 3/24

Hi friends happy Monday!! Did you have a good weekend?

Ours was really relaxing it was nice to do a lot of movie watching! Frozen-ahhhhhhmazing! I can’t stop singing! It’s a beautiful thing! 🙂

I decided to get my meal plan on yesterday, it’s a pretty simple week for me so it was easy to do! I’ve noticed I didn’t include a ton of meat but I plan on getting my protein through eggs, beans, and veggie burgers. Protein powder too!

B: smoothie
L: veggie burger and macaroni
D:crockpot chicken
W: arm burner

B:French toast breakfast scramble
L: rice bowl
D:taco salad
W: crunches

B:egg sandwich

L:rice bowl
D:out to dinner with a friend!
W: arm burner

L:rice bowl
D:crabs and shrimp!
W: crunches

I’ve got everything I need and I am ready to roll! I go back to the doctor Tuesday and I’m hoping to say good riddance to my boot!!!!


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