Thoughts from a Thursday

My brain is all over the place today. It’s been one of those weeks and I’m so ready for the weekend. This weekend I have a lot of fun things going on so I am so ready to get the party started!!!

Randomness for today:
1. Is anyone else watching the Real Housewives of NYC this season? I’m loving Carole and think she is absolutely hilarious! The drama between her and Aviva is just stupid.

2. I need new book suggestions. I’m currently readying the new Nicholas Sparks book and it is so slow!!!

3. I’m so sore. I’ve been hitting the gym for strength training that doesn’t hurt my foot every day at lunch and I’m feeling it! I definitely lost a lot of fitness and I’m eager to get it back!

4. I’m going to Las Vegas this month!!!! Do you have any fun suggestions for while we’re there? Mike and I want to plan a day trip while we’re there! Restaurants?!

5. What is your favorite protein powder flavor? I’m in the market for a new one since I’m out. I love my vanilla creme but I’ve seen a cupcake flavor online!!

6. I need a new spring jacket I haven’t seen any I’ve liked lately. I’ve got a nice rain jacket but I need a cuter one!

7. My BFF is coming to town this weekend! Reunion timeeeee!!!! I can’t wait for the fun to ensue!

Tell me some randomness from your day!!!!


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