I’m super random.

Hey hey! How’s your day going?

Sparky wanted me to tell you all hello!


He was just a little sleepy this morning!

I had such a good day yesterday, how about you? It was busy and rainy but on days like that I like to count my blessings! It’s way more fun that way! I continued my good day into the evening. I had a really nice dinner catching up with my family over salsa chicken in the crockpot. (So easy! Just add salsa, chicken breasts, corn, beans, etc. into your crockpot on low and let it cook while you’re at work! When you come home dinner is ready and you can serve it with brown rice like we did!)

I forgot to take a picture because I was ravenous to eat but take my word for it…deeeeelish!

I was able to get in another great workout at lunch yesterday! 25 minutes on the bike followed by a lower body workout. I combined moves from barre as well as lots of squats, sumo squats, wall sits, and more!! I’m so glad I’m back in the game. Endorphins make you happy! Name that movie!

Last night after dinner I moved a ton of my “winter” clothes out of my closet so I could access more springy things! FINALLY! See ya sweater weather! It looks like spring is here to stay! I also did some serious reading….



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