Weekly meal plan(it’s a short week!)

Hi friends! Did you have a nice Easter weekend? We were busy but were lucky to see a lot of family! Saturday we spent the day with my parents celebrating Easter and Sunday we went to Virginia with Mike’s family to visit with his grandparents! I’m so glad we were able to see everyone!!!

This is a short week for me but I did manage to meal plan!

B: oatmeal
L: taco mash
D: brinner
W: elliptical and Jillian Michael’s kettle bell DVD

B: breakfast scramble
L: taco mash
D: confetti mac and cheese
W: bike and yoga meltdown DVD

B: breakfast scramble
L: confetti mac and cheese
D: subway
W: elliptical and legs and abs circuit

Thursday: Vegas baby!

Friday:Vegas baby!

As you can see I’m heading to Vegas this week for vacation! I’m so excited! Mike and I are going with my family and we are so looking forward to some fun and sun! Hopefully we will come home winners!

This week is all about packing, planning, and tying up loose ends before we leave!

Mike and I have checked out the fitness center in our hotel and plan on getting in some workouts! We like to stay active on vacation so we can enjoy the treats that always seem to surround us! Plus I’m super excited to try In and Out Burger! πŸ™‚


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