Vegas Recap {part 1}

Before I begin let me say this post is super wordy, I apologize in advance! 🙂

On day 1, we arrived in Vegas in style! My dad surprised us by having a limo pick us up to cruise down the Vegas strip by limo!photo 1 (43)photo 2 (40)

We were tired from the time change but we quickly perked up when we checked in at our hotel, Treasure Island! We quickly unloaded our bags and ran off to have lunch at StripBurger. Our hotel was right next to the mall which had lots of options for dining and shopping, of course! We had a great first meal and I enjoyed a California chicken sandwich. No picture, but it was awesome!!

After lunch, we started our Vegas adventure! We started walking around outside our hotel and checkd out our casino. When we finished the local exploring, we headed to downtown Las Vegas- Fremont Street- for cheap gambling and lots of people watching!photo 3 (28)

We worked up quite an appetite losing our money… hehe so we decided to go to Nacho Daddy for dinner! Um, an entire menu dedicated to nachos… I was in heaven!photo 4 (22)

We called it a night pretty early our first night because the time change kicked our butts. I slept like a rock and woke up to a quick hotel room breakfast (that I packed- it saved lots of money and made it easy to guarantee I would have one healthy meal per day on vacation) before my daily workout with (964)

Our hotel gym was very nice and convenient but it filled up surprisingly quickly. We had to make our workouts quick and efficient!

Day 2 in Vegas began with a long walk on the strip to check it all out!photo 2 (39)

We lucked out and spent a nice long day at the pool before coming back to our rooms to relax. We even ended up playing some rummy for dollars… when in Rome, ya know!photo 4 (21)

We all dinner at Maggiano’s as a family. That meal was amazing! The meatball in my spaghetti dinner was bigger than my fist!! It was fun to be serenaded by the musician walking around the restaurant!

Following dinner, Mike and I headed out on the town! We walked into Floyd Mayweather on the way out of our hotel. I got a terrible picture but I felt pretty cool seeing a celebrity! He was waving here! photo 1 (41)

We walked until we found the Casino Royale. It was cheap gambling and we had a blast together, like we always do! I have the best man! I came out $20 richer that night and we decided to call it quits!
Day 3, Saturday started out with a morning workout and then my favorite gamble-SHOPPING! Who knew Vegas had an outlet center?? Hello Tory and Kate, I love you!photo (963)

I got myself some new sandals and a new wristlet and it was the best money I spent all vacation!!

This post is getting a little long, be sure to tune in tomorrow for the last half of my recap including our trip to the Hoover dam and the David Copperfield show!! Lots more fun to come!!photo 3 (27)Have you ever been to Las Vegas?!


8 thoughts on “Vegas Recap {part 1}

  1. Man! You guys were rolling in style as soon as you got there. So classy! I cannot get over or believe theres a restaurant w/o nothing but a menu filled w/ nachos. That sounds incredible & I want some! Oh & soo jealous you ran into Mayweather. Lucky lady!

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