Meals and fitness for the week!

Hi guys! After another amazing weekend, I’m back at it with a meal and fitness plan for the week! Next week is a short week with a wedding on the books so I wanted to make sure I’m organized with healthy options this week!

I did a great big shop at Trader Joe’s last week so I am prepped and ready to tackle my meal plan today! Here we go!

B: smoothie
L: BBQ chicken teriyaki from TJ’s with quinoa and broccoli
D: spaghetti
E: body pump(!!!)

B: breakfast sandwich
L: confetti macaroni
D: leftovers
E: elliptical workout and yoga meltdown

B: banana burrito
L: Mexican quinoa bowl
D: subway
E: kettle bell DVD and walk outside

B: banana burrito
L: confetti macaroni
D: salmon burger
E: elliptical workout and body pump

B: breakfast sandwich
L: Mexican quinoa bowl
D: out to dinner
E: elliptical workout and abs circuit

Have you planned your week!?


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