Some tangents for ya!

Happy Friday!! TGIF! πŸ™‚

Any fun plans this weekend?

This weekend is very low key for me which makes me happy! Tonight I am making a nice dinner for Mike. He has been studying away for the second part of his CPA dinner so I want to make him above meal to relax! Saturday I have some errands on the agenda and then were just going to do some baking. I think we’re going to go see the Neighbors in the afternoon too!

Sunday is all about my mama! We have a special dinner planned for her along with some gifts! I can’t wait to spend the whole day with her, she is my best friend!!!! πŸ™‚

I went to an awesome body pump class last night! I’m loving this new release. The shoulder track kills me in the best way! The instructor was my favorite and before I knew it the class was over! I can’t wait to take more classes with her!

I’m excited to break out my shorts this weekend! After work yesterday I walked out into this:


Holy guacamole. Where did spring go? How did we fly into the summer heat. The weather this year has been insane. Oh well time for tanks and tan lines!

Last random tangent for you today! I bout my first pair of Toms this week!!!

I am so happy to be able to give back with buying myself something! It is such a fantastic concept to pay it forward! I chose the gray color and I think it will go with a lot! I can’t wait to wear then around!!!

Your turn!
Have you ever bought Toms?
Do you have a favorite fitness instructor?


4 thoughts on “Some tangents for ya!

  1. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    i love my toms! i got a red pair and i just wear them all the time any way.

    i love that your mom is your best friend. me too!

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