What I Ate Wednesday!

Hi there! How is your morning going? I got up super early today to get in a kettle bell workout! Lots of coffee here today! But that is ok because I am heading to the beach tonight for my friend’s wedding, woohoo!!! Bring on the sun and fun!

No rainbow this morning, but wasn’t this one yesterday amazing to walk out to?photo 4 (26)

I am here today to chime in to What I Ate Wednesday !! This week was about cleaning out the fridge so my meals today weren’t very pretty but they were tasty!

Breakfast yesterday was leftover quinoa. I added in cinnamon, vanilla, and some strawberries. I topped this mess with peanut butter and a banana. No breakfast is complete without either!!  I was nervous about this combo to start but it ended up being tasty! I mean, what isn’t good with peanut butter on it!?photo 3 (32)

Lunch was leftover Annie’s shells and cheese. I added some leftover pulled pork for protein!! So delish!photo 2 (47)

For dinner, I had more pork. This time I added BBQ and had it on a whole wheat bun. I had a great big salad on the side! Hello veggies, long time no see! Ha!photo 1 (50)

On the workout side of things, I did this workout from Julie. I also did this barre burner by Gina! I love switching these up!!!

What did you eat this week??


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