Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hi there! Long time no see! I am back from my friend Megan’s wedding at the beach. I had such a good time and this weekend was full of treats! I couldn’t not participate in a Treat Yourself Tuesday after having so much fun this weekend!! I wish I had more pictures documenting all of this but luckily my friends had their iphones with them more than I did to capture all the fun we had!!! 🙂

Thanks again to Becky for hosting!!!

My favorite treat this weekend was all the quality time and fun memories made with my friends and Mike. We all had so much fun in the days leading up to the wedding, there are definitely some dance parties and laughs I will never forget!photo 3 (33)Shopping was a great treat! There is a MEGA outlet mall right near the beach where we were staying… it only felt right to visit! Hello new wallet!
photo 1 (51)The bride gave us the best gifts. She was so sweet and put so much thought and heart into our gifts! I love our personalized matching robes! I will wear it all the time!IMG_6788We obviously pampered ourselves too! Between nail appointments, getting our hair and makeup done, dancing and getting ready together, we were all so relaxed and felt our best to be a part of our dear friend’s special day!

We were at the beach so fun beach drinks were also a treat! Hello coronas and Malibu bay breeze’s! YUM!!!

photo 2 (48)Last but certainly not least, getting out of town with this guy was a great treat! He always makes me smile!!! How can I not have fun with him! 🙂photo 4 (27)

I had such a wonderful weekend. I can’t believe it is over! Congratulations again to Meg and Keith! You both deserve a lifetime of happiness!!!

How have you treated yourself lately?


8 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. mysweetnhealthylife says:

    That really sounds like a perfect weekend! And your wallet is so so so pretty!! Oh my gosh, I totally need one too!!

  2. olivesanwine says:

    It’s official, I am going to shop today – LOVE that wallet! And the beach wedding looked like a blast. You looked gorgeous in all the photos I saw on Facebook!

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