Workouts from the week!

I’ve had a wonderful week of workouts! Lots of variety and lots of sweat!

I’ve increased some of my weight with body pump because I started to get used to it and wasn’t feeling the burn quite as much. I’ve also tried to be outside as much as I can. Walking has been feeling great on my foot so I’ve been sticking mostly with that!!

I’m going to vary my group fitness schedule next week to spice things up. I’m also going to toss in a spin class! Change makes change!

Without further ado, here are my workouts from the week!

Monday: incline walking & body pump

Tuesday: yoga meltdown & walk outside for 50 minutes

Wednesday: 40 minutes elliptical hills

Thursday: body pump& tabata circuit

Friday: kettle bell DVD & a walk this afternoon in the sun!

I’m excited to have a weekend at home coming up! I’m sure I’ll get in some relaxation, long walks, and fun in the sun!!!

What are you doing this weekend? Favorite workout this week??


2 thoughts on “Workouts from the week!

  1. Favorite workout of the week: A 4 mile run on Thursday. I felt super strong and super fast (fast for me anyways! Haha!)

    I would love to try a kettle bell workout at some point…do you have any DVD recommendations or did you just learn it on your own (or through a gym class?)

    • Fun!!! I love the DVD by Jillian Michaels- Shred it with Weights! Check for it on amazon! Her workouts are always efficient and awesome!

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