Travel Fitness

Hi guys! I know it is usually time for a Tasty Tuesday treat post, but I shared a delicious recipe here yesterday!

Today, I am here to share with you my tips for maintaining fitness while traveling. As you know I recently took a vacation to wonderful Las Vegas! You can find my recaps here and here! A little over a week ago I was contacted by the lovely people at about sharing how I maintain my fitness in sin city while enjoying nice meals and soaking in the fun!photo 2 (38)

Through speaking with Jennifer at I learned about a fun fitness opportunity called a hotel hike! I wish I had known that The Aria Hotel in Las Vegas offered it! Mike and I would have loved to try this out! The “hike” was designed to use the muscles you would use on a traditional hike. A hike leader is provided for participants and to guide a tour past restaurants, the casino, and art installations. Of course stairs must be used in lieu of escalators. 🙂

Although we didn’t participate there are still many ways I like to stay fit on vacation! Time is of the essence and you are on vacation after all, you don’t want to spend your entire trip in the gym! Here are a few of my tips for staying fit on vacation! photo 2 (39)1. Skip the cab. Walk around the city and explore! Mike and I walked up and down the Vegas strip so that we could get in a few extra steps before the fabulous dinners and delicious drinks while getting to see everything Vegas had to offer! Just make sure to allow extra time!

2. Take advantage of the hotel’s free fitness center. Many hotels offer free gyms but the small resort fee to use the gym usually makes it really easy to know when you can plan your workout! Not to mention easy access to equipment!

3. Plan ahead! Know the days you have excursions or time sensitive plans. Set your alarm and get the workout done first thing in the morning so that you can enjoy the rest of your day!

4. Print out your favorite body weight circuit workouts before you leave for your trip. Usually you can complete them in your hotel room by simply moving a chair!

5. Make efficiency your friend. Don’t save your long run for your vacation! This is the time to do some HITT! You can even throw in a tabata workout to kick your butt!

6. Pack healthy snacks. When I knew I had a baggie of almonds, a banana, a packet of almond butter, or a protein bar available, it made me want to start my day on a healthy note!

What are some of your tips for maintaining your fitness while traveling? Be sure to use the hashtag #travelfit2014

Don’t forget to check out the Aria page here!

Have a happy Tuesday friends! 🙂


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