What’s your why?

Last night I was in yet another spin class with my favorite instructor and left feeling not only exhausted but enlightened. I’ve recently started going to a small boutique gym that’s unlike any other gym I’ve been to in my 25 years.

This gym is positive. It’s uplifting. It’s expensive (worth it). It’s challenging. It’s motivating!

I’ve learned so many great things at my new gym and most of it is in the realm of fitness and health but a new sector has been learning about myself!

The other day in body pump my instructor stopped in the middle of class and asked us why we were there. Some people answered to get skinny, so e to get healthy, some answered to themselves.


After everyone piped in my instructor answered that she was there to have a moment to herself. She is a stay at home mom to two adorable little kids and this is the only time each day she gets to focus on herself. She shared that the time away to center herself, strengthen her body, rejuvenate her mind, and release some endorphins made her a better mom and a better person. She is so right!

We all workout for different reasons and there are no right or wrong answers. My instructor suggested setting a intention at the beginning of each workout. As cheesy as it sounds it really is helpful.

I sent the intention to my spin class last night to focus on confidence. Bikini season is approaching and I want to feel confident and strong in it. As my legs were sprinting through the last interval of the 50 minute class I repeated “confidence” to myself over and over. (In my head of course, I didn’t want to look like a looney tune of course!) it made my push myself and give myself a reason to finish the class on a strong note.

This may all be in my head but I left the class happier than normal. I always am happy after a good workout but I feel that working out with intention made me feel more accomplished!

I challenge you to set an intention to your next workout! See how it feels!

finish the sentence….

Today I workout for…………

Ps. My brother graduates today! Way to go Kyle!


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