Friday favorites

Friday favorites!

I am beach bound today! Woohoo! Mike and I are heading to the coast today to enjoy a nice night away before continuing our trip to OC,MD for the weekend! I’m so excited to go to Ocean City! My family has gone for years and I have a few must-do things on every trip!

I have a few favorites for you all on this beautiful day!

1. New pens. I know I am a total dork but Mike’s company had new pens made and I love a new writing utensil! I am the nerd that always got super excited for back to school supply shopping!

2. My new bright tervis water bottle! My old one’s seal broke and it leaked like crazy so I was pumped to get a fresh one!

3. Warm evenings! I love going for a nice walk or run after dinner! The fact that it’s been gorgeous lately is just a bonus!

4. Antibacterial lotion. I am loving this by Bath and Body works! I have been sneezing up a storm with my allergies and this doesn’t dry my hands out at all!

5. Giving Barre another go! I went to a great barre class Wednesday night and it was a great way to add more variety to my workouts!

6. Netflix. I’m still enjoying popping on an episode of Mad Men while I’m doing things around the house. Having Netflix on my iPad is so convenient!

Just six for ya on the sixth day of June!

Your turn! What is one of your favorite things from this week!?


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