Busy week!

This has been one exciting week! Busy yes, but oh so exciting!

Today after work I am getting my ring sized, (going to a viewing for a family friend that has passed 😦 not exciting, he will be missed!), and then going to see a house we are interested in!

I am overwhelmed but so excited with all the changes coming my way! I can’t believe I am moving out of my parents house! I can’t believe I need to shop for adult things like shower curtains and couches, hah!

Tomorrow before the funeral we are attending my mom and Mike and I are even going to swing by a potential venue to see if it is in the running since we will be in the area! Wow! Ah! This stuff starts quick!

I’m soaking in every second of being engaged. This is such an exciting time to share with my best friend! I’m also having so much fun with the behind the scenes planning, this is still a secret but let’s just say I am loving Etsy!

Switching gears, I managed to get in great workouts so far this week and even got to barre again last night! Such a great compliment to pump! I will sincerely miss my gym when I eventually love but I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made there as well as the fun times working out with my momma!

Ok, that was enough words for today! My brain is all over! Tell me something fun you’re doing today!!!!


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