Getting crafty!

Last night after an awesome body pump class I got crafty!


I was creating gifts to ask my bridesmaids to stand with me on my wedding day and I cannot wait until they are ready to deliver!

I hope they like them! I’ll be sure to show when I’ve delivered them all!!!

I switched up my breakfast yesterday and made a turn back to wheat waffles! Yum!

These were delicious but I’m really craving cold breakfasts on these hot days! Yesterday I had to blast my AC the entire way home from work because it was 94 degrees. Yuck! Bring on smoothies and iced coffee!!!

Today is a busy day at work and then going to see a few girlfriends! It’s gonna be a fun day! Tomorrow night Mike and I are going to visit more houses! This is such an exciting time!!!!


4 thoughts on “Getting crafty!

  1. Dana @ The Daily Moderation says:

    those waffles look yum….i now have to just buy a toaster πŸ™‚ Do you have a date yet?

  2. Oh man, I have no idea where my blender is, otherwise I’d be all over smoothies for breakfast! And I’m sipping on some homemade iced coffee right now πŸ™‚

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