Snapshots from this week!

I had an amazing body pump lass last night and I can’t wait for the soreness from a great workout that will follow!
I also had a manicure courtesy of my amazing mama! We always have fun together! 🙂

I have quite a random collection of photos on my phone from this week! It was another fun week though! Here are a few!

Selfie with mama! We took a walk together after pump Monday to walk and talk!


I also was able to ask 2 of my bridesmaids to stand by my side on our wedding day! 3 more to go!


My favorite two ingredient pancakes made a return to the breakfast rotation this week! I forgot how much I love these!


Dunkin donuts coffee on a hot morning. This is the definition of love!


We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us! More house shopping, venue seeing, visiting with friends, and hopefully relaxing a bit! I’m looking forward to a weekend with Mike!

We are going out to dinner to celebrate his mom’s (my future MIL) birthday tonight! It will be a great time!!

What is one random photo on your phone from this week?


Leave a comment :)

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