Wedding planning, house hunting, and more!

This weekend was full of so many fun things! Family time,visiting wedding venues, house hunting, hanging with friends, and celebrating birthdays all made me a very happy girl!

Friday night was Mike’s mom’s birthday and we all went to dinner to celebrate! We had such fun with his parents, his brother and his brother’s fiancé! I love an excuse to eat birthday cake!

Saturday was venue visiting day! We visited two and really liked one on the water!




I even got some inspiration from the colors!


The other venue we saw was unavailable for the date we have in mind so it was an easy out!

We had a very busy day so it was nice to meet up with friends for drinks and apps later that night to relax and catch up!

Sunday started out with a two mile run for me! We then ran a bunch of errands and got lunch at the Wegman’s salad bar! We had to eat and run because we had plans to see 22 Jump Street. OMG. Go see this movie. It was absolutely hilarious!


Again, we were on the go looking at another house in the afternoon. Finally, we really liked it! We’re going to go back again but this one is a great option for us!

Finally, to round out the weekend, we went over to our friend’s house for dinner to watch the World Cup. It was a bummer that USA lost but hopefully they will win the next one!

I’m looking forward to another fun filled week ahead!

What did you enjoy most from this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Wedding planning, house hunting, and more!

  1. You are making me feel like such a slacker! My fiancé and I haven’t even set a potential date yet, let alone looked at venues. You go, girl!

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