Thursday thoughts

Hi guys! What a week it has been! It’s been fun though! Bring on the weekend!

-I did not know how confusing house hunting could be. I thought it was just pick a house and move in. Boy was I wrong!

-Since we got engaged and started house hunting I’ve been on a serious spending freeze. I’m actually shocked at how well I’m doing. I haven’t started to twitch or anything yet! Ha!

-This humidity is gross. Seriously it’s like walking through soup. I went on a mile walk at lunch yesterday and I was sweaty mess!

-I’m getting crabs twice for dinner this weekend! This is one lucky Maryland girl!

-I’m obsessed with all things home now that we are house hunting! I can’t wait to buy plates, rugs, dishes and all the fun stuff that makes a house a home.

-I need some cute and comfy work shoes for summer. Suggestions?

-I’m fresh out of recipe inspiration. I think I need to start a challenge for myself to get back into cooking. Thoughts?

Share with me some of your Thursday thoughts!


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