Friday Photos

Hi there! How’s Friday treating ya so far?!

I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos that are quickly accumulating on my phone from this week. It seems since wedding planning and house hunting began I have so much more to think about and I love it! πŸ™‚ lots of random stuff in there too!

A breakfast from this week- Kashi go lean and iced coffee…perfection!


Has anyone ever had a “phantom iMessage?” I rebooted my phone, closed apps, and restarted it multiple times but it still won’t go away. It’s killing my inner type A!


I think these wedding colors are gorgeous for my girls! I spotted these pictures at the tasting we went to this week!


Although I’d do different colors, I like the simplicity and chic appearance of a simple centerpiece!


This is a snap from my lunch time walk this week! It was hot but it was nice to get some fresh air in during the day!


And this gem is sparky being precious in my brother’s baby cap we found last weekend. He really is the baby dog!


The classic “I went to body pump and loved it pic”


What’s a fun picture you have on your phone from this week?!?!


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