Catching up.

Hi there! How’s your Wednesday going?

**this was supposed to go up at 6:30 PM instead of AM. Whoops!***

I thought about doing a WIAW post to get back to some normalcy around here but lately I’ve been eating some Mexican mess salads that are less than photogenic so I’ll spare you the shots!

I’ve been all over the place lately trying to get things ready for our new house (!!!) so I haven’t had much time to blog lately and remember to take pictures. I promise I will get back soon! It keeps me accountable!

Monday night my mom and I went shopping for house stuff! This is so fun! I got a lot of great things at Home Goods! Isn’t this shower curtain adorable?!?


Yesterday I had a great day at work despite missing the soccer game. Too bad they lost! I even got a spin class in during the evening! It was a total bonus to completing the Summer Shape Up workout by Gina. That workout is no joke! I love her programs!

I also ran some errands last night too! We are going to the beach next weekend with Mike’s parents so I had to pick up the ingredients to make my mom’s famous pulled pork BBQ! While I was there I was perusing the book selection and found all three Pioneer Woman cookbooks!

Ree is the best! He blog is so entertaining and her photography is so amazing!

I have been doing a lot of flower and color accent research for the wedding and I found these adorable pictures on lovely Facebook! I love the idea of the chalkboard!



I think I’m slowly but surely catching up! Tonight is a busy one for us because I have a viewing to attend as well as a meeting with the man we are buying the house from!

Wish me luck!


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