Today is my Friday!

Yep! That’s true! I’m off tomorrow for a lovely 3 day weekend to celebrate the 4th of July! I’m so excited to have a productive weekend!

I have a lot to do! But before all my to do list can start we are going to a pool party tomorrow with some friends of ours! I’m excited for fun in the sun with some of my favorite people! Bring on the games and fireworks!

This weekend will be nothing but packing for me! Packing to move and packing for the beach! We are heading back to the outer banks of North Carolina next weekend with Mike’s family. I am also house sitting next week so I want my weekend to be super productive to get ahead of my to do list!

Do any of you have packing tips for moving that you’d like to share? I would love it!


2 thoughts on “Today is my Friday!

  1. At one time I was moving once every year -so exhausting!

    I found that I would pack things into boxes to what room they would belong to. I also had a box of ‘must haves’ for the first overnight in case you don’t feel like unpacking right away (that coffee commercial where they drink out of weird cup-like things comes to mind). I also took the opportunity to de-clutter and donate to charities.

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