Clean eats

After one full day of clean eats I am feeling great! Be sure to pop in tomorrow for some what I ate Wednesday action!

Our focus this week has been on protein, vegetables, and minimal healthy carbs like fruit and brown rice. We’ve gotten protein from grilled chicken and protein smoothies.

I feel lighter and stay fuller longer. I had a terrible headache yesterday but my eating helped me feel better on one front!

I’ve been switching up my workouts as well. I’m trying to easy up on the impact to make sure my foot is still continuing to heal properly so I’m modifying as I go. I’ve been utilizing Jillian Michaels DVDs through the weekend and early part of this week but today I’m feeling some bike tabata.

I gave spark dog a bath last night. He hated it completely but still was my shadow for the evening. Love that boy! We played a lot of toys to tire him out and he stretched out like a cat chasing his ball how funny!



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