Thursday thoughts

Hi there! How’s for week going? It is flying by for me! We have a lot going on this week between our home inspection, Spark sitting, work, wedding planning, packing for vacation, and enjoying the moment. Hah!

Such is life!

I thought id pop in today with some tangents and list out some of my Thursday thoughts for ya!

-I miss peanut butter. Like really miss it. With the meal plan mike made I’ve been having protein shakes for breakfast which definitely keep me full for hours but I seriously miss the good stuff! Almond butter, peanut butter, I need it back in my life stat!

-We have had some crazy storms this week in Maryland. This stuff is nuts. One minute it’s sunny the next minute there are sideways torrential downpours. Sparky has been traumatized!

-I need to find a at home nail polish that will stay on my nails for more than a day with out chipping. I don’t know if it is my nails or the way I paint them but nothing stays on!

-I got this adorable crab cookie cutter for FREE this weekend! I cannot wait to make cute crab cookies with it!


-I think Spark kinda likes having Mike around. He was Mike’s shadow when he came over the other night! So cute!



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