Vacation mode!

I am in vacation mode! Today is my last day of work before we leave for a week long beach vacation in OBX! I’m ready for some tanlines and fun!

The vacation fun really starts today though! I have excitement pumping through my veins because my best friend is going to become a mom today! I couldn’t be happier for her and her new family!

After work today we are also going to dinner with my parents, Mike, and our friend to catch up and have a nice happy hour dinner at my favorite outdoor bar and grill!

Tonight will be all about packing up the car, running last minute errands, and getting to bed early! Rumor has it we are leaving at the crisp hour of 4 am. I already called sleeping in the back seat… Sorry Mike! Driver is you! I also am formally putting in my request now for a pit stop at Dunkin for a large iced coffee…mmmmmm!!!!!!


I finished some last minute prep last night by packing snacks (love the almond butter packets), making notes for myself (don’t forget the pulled pork in the freezer, lol), painting my nails and toes, and packing up my toiletries! I think I am ready!

What is your ‘must complete’ before your vacation is finished?

Mine is stop at Cracker Barrel! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Vacation mode!

  1. Pit stop at DD sounds like a fabulous idea! Hope you’re having a lovely time on vacation so far. Cant wait to hear all about your crazy adventures 🙂 Don’t get stung by a jelly fish!

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