I’m back!

I am finally back after about a week from blogging! I was off enjoying myself in the lovely Outer Banks in North Carolina. We had such a nice time with family and friends!







I’m so glad to be back and get into somewhat of a routine. By the end of this month *fingers crossed* Mike and I will officially be homeowners and be able to move into our new house. I’m so excited for this next chapter in our lives together but this sure does bring a lot of work! Packing up my life has been kinda crazy and emotional!

One routine I am excited to get back into is working out! Last week’s workouts consisted of some long walks, elliptical, and rest days in the beach!

This week I have a more concrete plan!

Mon- elliptical and arm burner x2
Tues- biking and yoga meltdown
Wed- elliptical and abs
Thurs- spinning class
Fri-elliptical and lower body blast
Sat- long walk with my Mom!

Have a wonderful start to your week! I hope it is a great day!


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