Tuesday tangents

Hi there! How’s your day going? I’m so happy to be home and back in a routine! I’m glad to be home and seek family and getting back into work!

Some tangents for ya because it’s Tuesday and because I’m thinking of a billion things right now!

-My mom and I went house shopping last night for odds and ends. We needed sheets, towels, pot holders, rugs, etc. there’s a ten dollar off home goods at target this week! Use it! I got cute stuff for great deals! Love me some Target.

– I grabbed broccoli slaw at Trader Joes Sunday for some crunch in my salads this week. Verdict? Like it a lot. It’s a fun new flavor and texture!


-I’m loving the girl time I had with my momma last night. I’m really go into miss that so much when I move out. She is my best friend. I just love her!

-how precious is this puppy. Mike’s brother just bought a dog yesterday and it inspired me to look. What a lover!


-Etsy has been a lifesaver. My mom has found the most adorable things for our engagement party there and it is definitely getting the wheels turning for me to make decisions!

-Spark has a vet appointment tonight. I’m going to give him some extra cuddles because he will certainly be upset after he gets his shots!

Off to start my day with some pre work yoga!!!!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday tangents

  1. Gail Macharsky says:

    We are going to have so many new and fun adventures! I promise we will never be separated…no matter what our address says! Love you so!!!

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