Weekly workout recap!

Hey! Long time no see!

I’ve been so busy this week between moving, wedding planning, meeting with vendors, work, and settling into our new home I haven’t made blogging a priority but I definitely plan on getting back to it!

This week Mike and I joined a new to me gym in the area where I moved and I’ve been on a great workout streak! I’ve been getting up and going to the gym BEFORE work. Crazy talk I know! I am definitely not a morning person but I am making progress! Plus it’s really nice to have my workout done for the day! This frees up my lunch hour for errands or the occasional long walk!

My workouts for this week went as follows:

Monday- elliptical hills
Tuesday- elliptical workout and upper body
Wednesday- spinning
Thursday- body pump
Friday- elliptical HITT and upper body

I already have a few morning classes scheduled for next week at the gym! I am super excited!!! So far everyone at the gym has been super nice and the instructor was great! I can’t wait to find some new workout friends at the new gym! It was so fun when I worked out with my mom!

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