Hey! This weekend went by way to fast but it sure was nice to spend time settling into our new home when we could!

Friday night we celebrated Mike’s birthday just the two of us! We made nachos(!!) for dinner and enjoyed them by the pool! We rounded out the evening with cookie cake, Divergent, and relaxing together!

Saturday we spent the day with Mike’s family at their new home on the water!




We had fun checking for crabs, playing games, soaking in the sun, playing with his brother’s puppy and enjoying time together celebrating their 25th birthday!

After the day on the water our great friends came over for night swimming and a few drinks poolside! It was a great day!!

Sunday was all about projects around the house! Yard work, laundry, meal planning, cleaning, and preparing for first house guest. We even went to a family dinner with my side to celebrate my aunt and uncle’s 25th wedding celebration!

When we got home our final project of the night was setting up our formal dining room! I love the final result! Now for paint!


Tune in tomorrow for tasty Tuesday back in action!!!!!!


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