What I ate Wednesday!

Happy hump day! What is going on this week? I’ve had a very busy but productive week and I’m getting VERY excited for my maid of honor to visit me this weekend! I’ve been cooking up a storm since moving and I’m having the best time with it! Expect some more recipes in the near future!

Switching gears… Here are some of my eats from Monday!

Breakfast after spin class was a delicious and usual sandwich thin with almond butter and organic raspberry jam!


Mid morning, I snacked on a Baggie of roasted almonds!


Lunch consisted of a salad with my buffalo pulled chicken and a side of The One and Only, by Emily Giffen! Loving it so far!


My afternoon snack was crunch and delicious thanks to raw broccoli and the last of my GAHLIC hummus!


I rounded out the day with a delicious dinner again with my pulled chicken on a sandwich. The sides were steamed broccoli and wild rice! Love those 90 second packets!!!


What have you been eating lately??

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