WIAW Freezer Cleanout Edition

Hola from the frozen tundra, err arctic vortex, err Baltimore! Maybe I just wish I was in Mexico like this time last year!!! Haha! I woke up to a brisk 2 degrees yesterday but I have been bundling up and making sure to wear lots of layers when I go outside! I feel like Randy from a Christmas Story when I start to bundle up!

Besides the icicles forming all over creation, there have been a lot of good eats going on this week! While I may admit that these eats haven’t been the prettiest, they sure have tasted good! Using your stockpile from your pantry of freezer simply requires getting creative with spices and flavors! Here goes a round of What I ate Wednesday!WIAW

Breakfast: Oatmeal has been on the docket this week! With the cold winds and subzero temperatures a warm and comforting bowl of oatmeal is all that will satisfy me for the entire morning!photo 4 (12)

I have also had some delicious bananas at their prime ripeness!!photo 1 (26)

Lunches: Broccoli Mac and Cheese using frozen broccoli and Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Macaroni and Cheese! Just so good and so easy!photo 2 (23)

Leftover Salsa Chicken from dinner Monday (In a crock pot on low for 8 hours combine chicken breasts, green chilis, and your favorite salsa. Let it cook all day and when it is done simply shred the chicken!) I added my shredded chicken to some quinoa, frozen corn, and a little bit of lite Mexican shredded cheese to give it the feel of a casserole!photo 1 (27)

Banana yogurt, I am admitting that I am on a serious kick this week!!photo 2 (24)

Dinner: Besides the salsa chicken that looked the same as the lunch the next day, I have had a delicious pork dinner in the crockpot as well! This was shreds from a pork loin that cooked in barbecue sauce all day. I served it over a little bit of brown rice and broccoli on the side.photo 3 (14)

Snack: I have really needed the chocolate this week, so scoops (un-pictured) of cookie butter swirls have been nibbled on after dinner. I also broke into this half of a Luna bar on Monday afternoon when a chocolate craving attacked! Sometimes you just gotta go with the craving and have what you want!

What have you been munching on this week?