What I Ate Wednesday!

Hi there! How is your morning going? I got up super early today to get in a kettle bell workout! Lots of coffee here today! But that is ok because I am heading to the beach tonight for my friend’s wedding, woohoo!!! Bring on the sun and fun!

No rainbow this morning, but wasn’t this one yesterday amazing to walk out to?photo 4 (26)

I am here today to chime in to What I Ate Wednesday !! This week was about cleaning out the fridge so my meals today weren’t very pretty but they were tasty!

Breakfast yesterday was leftover quinoa. I added in cinnamon, vanilla, and some strawberries. I topped this mess with peanut butter and a banana. No breakfast is complete without either!!  I was nervous about this combo to start but it ended up being tasty! I mean, what isn’t good with peanut butter on it!?photo 3 (32)

Lunch was leftover Annie’s shells and cheese. I added some leftover pulled pork for protein!! So delish!photo 2 (47)

For dinner, I had more pork. This time I added BBQ and had it on a whole wheat bun. I had a great big salad on the side! Hello veggies, long time no see! Ha!photo 1 (50)

On the workout side of things, I did this workout from Julie. I also did this barre burner by Gina! I love switching these up!!!

What did you eat this week??

What I ate Wednesday! & Happy birthday Mom!!!

Hi friends! Happy March 5th! Do you know what that means? It means it is …

My Mama’s birthday!!!

She is my very best friend! This week it has been all about her and she deserves it! She is the most special woman on this earth that I know!! I love you mom!!!! Let the celebrations and countdown to Vegas begin! Yes, that is right! We’re going to Vegas in April to have a big celebration for her and my brother’s milestone birthdays!!! 🙂

Spark is saving up his energy to party with her! He is also the guard of the gifts 🙂
photo 2 (2)

Back to your regular programming, I am back yet again for another day of WIAW! Shout out to Peas and Crayons for hosting!wiaw1

Below are snaps of my eats from Monday of this week. I am finally more mobile and able to spend some more time in the kitchen but it is nowhere close to what I am used to spending!! But, the good news is that today I have 2 doctors appointments! One to get cleared to go back to work, and another to get my stitches out and have a second follow up after surgery! I am crossing my fingers that both go well!

Monday breakfast was all about my favorite combo! PB&J!!photo 1 (2)

So satisfying and delicious while watching the snow fall! 🙂

I still had a lot of convenience foods on hand so for lunch I whipped up Trader Joe’s low fat chicken low mein! This was pretty good but kinda salty!

photo 3 (2)I think it would be even better loaded down with more veggies!

Dinner was super easy and made easy again with my crockpot cooking the chicken! Steamed broc and rice on the side!!
photo 4I had some sriracha in there too! Why did I wait so long to try this stuff? It’s freaking great!!!!

What have you been eating lately?

I need you all to promise to send my mom some birthday love today! We will be celebrating her with dinner and cookie cake and presents tonight!!! Love you mommy!

WIAW: Lately!

Morning friends! Happy Hump day!

Today is my last day of work and regular scheduling in my life before my surgery tomorrow. I have been busy so it has helped keep the nerves at bay for now! I will definitely be popping in with updates over the next few days too! I will most likely still have my regular blogging schedule as long as I am feeling up to it! 🙂

I am still sore and feeling the burn from Monday’s killer workout! Let me know if you give it a try. My hammies will thank me later!

Today, I thought it would be fun to share with you a bunch of pictures of my eats lately! I have been sure to document as many as I can remember, haha, food blogger fail! wiaw1

Here is my edition of What I ate Wednesday from the last few days!!

Some breakfasts of late:

2.PB/banana/chia melted quesadilla style

3.Banana burrito

4. Oats in a Jar

Lunches have been on serious repeat but I don’t mind! The time my food prep saved me was worth it!

photo 2 (30)1. TJ’s veggie fried rice with chicken and loaded in with extra veggies and a scrambled egg. This was 4 meals worth!!

2. Roasted sweet potato fries with grilled chicken tenderloins

3. A Qdoba salad bowl with Mike over the weekend

I have been a bad blogger and have been forgetting my dinner pictures! But I did snag 2!

photo 3 (19)1. Sunday night Mike and I picked up Panera takeout for dinner. I adore that black bean soup!

2. Baked chicken with steamed red potatoes and steamed broccoli. Simple. Classic. Delicious.

My snacks have been this and only this.photo (962)My best friend told me that pineapple has natural anti-inflammatory properties so you better believe I have been eating it every day this week! I will do everything I can to reduce the swelling preemptively in my little old foot! 🙂

What have you been eating lately? Any other suggestions for natural anti-inflammatory foods?

What I ate Wednesday

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a great week so far! Mine has been easy peasy, which I am loving! I have been needing a laid back week for a while!

Thank goodness I took the time to meal plan this week! I have managed to stick to my plan pretty closely! Except for dinner Monday night, I have followed it to a T! We had a change of plans and switched Hawaiian Chicken to Tuesday and ended up having spaghetti on Monday which is no biggie at all! Planning sure has helped me do my freezer and pantry cleanout and made me more efficient in the kitchen!

It is time for another round of What I ate Wednesday! Are you joining in? Here are my healthy and delicious eats from Tuesday! wiaw1

My day started out with my usual oatmeal and a spotty banana mid morning! It kept me really full and never fails me!photo 4 (14)After my (SWEATY) tabata workout on the bike during my lunch break, I came back up and enjoyed a multi-part lunch. I started with an egg and Canadian bacon sandwich. Then, I followed it up with a yogurt, pistachios, and a kiwi! So freaking good!photo 3 (16)That yogurt was pretty good. It was on sale at Target this week and this was the last one of this flavor so I snatched it up to give it a try. I am glad I did! So creamy! Also, I snagged the mini pistachio packs at the dollar store of all places this weekend! They are the perfect snack size bag!!

…the aftermath….

photo 2 (26)

I went to a great yoga class after work last night and it kicked my butt. I was already pretty sore going into the class and my obliques killed all night long. It made me super happy 🙂

photo 5 (2)I got home from yoga a little before 7 and was famished. I needed to eat right away so needless to say a picture of my delicious Hawaiian chicken, broccoli, and rice didn’t see a camera. Oh well… here is a snap of my spaghetti Monday night with Carba Nada noodles. I love the high protein in these! (Added bonus my pantry is now almost clear of all the accumulated pasta!)photo 1 (29)

I spent the rest of the night catching up on chores around the house and watching Revenge on my iPad. I finally finished season 1 and I seriously loved it. I kinda like getting addicted to new shows on Netflix! My little man was my shadow all night long and I tired him out, but he still didn’t want to leave my side. love him! We both crashed hard last night! photo (961)…yes… he LOVES his sweaters! 🙂

Have a great day!!!

What are you eating this week?

My first WIAW!

It feels like every blog I read on Wednesday’s does a tribute to this blog.
If you’ve ever met me in real life you know that I despise feeling left out, seriously I hate that! So I did was any normal girl would do and included myself in the fun! I’m holding nothing back! Watch out world! Haha!


But, but you’ll have to forgive me because I’m starting out of order. I know, I know, I am already breaking the rules. Don’t get sassy!

Dinner last night was deliciously tender chicken in the crockpot with mushrooms. On the side was steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato.
photo (933)
I have to confess I had a lot of candy corn after this meal that went un-pictured. Oh well! I continued my night with 4 episodes of Parenthood with my momma. Gotta love girl bonding time!

My breakfast this morning was a delicious egg sandwich on a honey wheat sandwich thin. I diced some onion in with the scrambled eggs too!
photo (932)
It kept me pretty full all morning!

I did have a mid day snack before my workout though my belly was growling for me to feed it! Enter the delicious Kashi bar!!
photo (931)
I completed 35 minutes on the elliptical at lunch and rounded it out with an upper body workout loaded with supersets to keep me entertained!

Around 1 I decided it was time for lunch! I had a salad on the docket and used the remaining leftovers from my chicken breast from last nights dinner. See why I had to go out of order!?!!
photo (930)
It was a delicious day of eats indeed!

Right after work I was supposed to go to my friend Brooke’s house so we could go for a walk and talk date to catch up! Unfortunately, there was a freak rain shower that literally rained on our parade.. bummer! Hopefully the weather agrees for us next week!!

Now I’m off to pack! I’m heading to Mike’s house tomorrow night and I have a lot still to plan for my Halloween costume! Have a great night!